How do I cancel my Zenefits subscription?

To provide notice that you’d like to cancel your account, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.

Annual subscriptions may be changed at renewal, but not mid-contract. You may provide notice of your intent not to renew at any point up until 30 days before your scheduled renewal date. However, your subscription will not be cancelled until that renewal date. You are responsible for any outstanding billing amounts that will come due between the cancellation request and the renewal date.

For example if you provide notice that you would like to cancel on June 1st, but your annual subscription renews on January 1st, your subscription will remain active and you will continue to be billed as normal through January 1st.

Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time with 30 days advance notice. 

For example, if you provided notice of your intent to cancel on June 1st, and your next monthly invoice date is June 10th, your account cancellation would be effective starting with your July 10th billing date. You’ll retain full access through that cancellation date of July 10th.

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