FAQs About Firefly Web Sharing

A Firefly session will only be initiated if a Support agent receives verbal confirmation to initiate the Firefly session. A Support agent will never start a Firefly session without your consent.

Once given verbal confirmation to initiate the Firefly session, you will see a pop-up appear on the Zenefits dashboard indicating the Firefly session has begun.

To end a Firefly session, click the X in the small box in the bottom right-hand corner of the browser and click Stop.

No. Fields containing private information like a Social Security Number or bank account information are not visible to Support agents through the Firefly session.

No. A Support agent cannot click links, scroll, or otherwise control your screen during a Firefly session.

Support agents can highlight or point to certain areas to call your attention to them. In these cases, you will see an orange box around the surrounding area or an orange arrow directing you to scroll to that part of the page.

No. The Firefly tool is built directly into the Zenefits dashboard. No additional software or updates are needed.

During a Firefly session, the Support agent can only view your Zenefits dashboard. No other part of your screen or applications (Excel, Office, or other desktop applications; open browser tabs, other browser windows; or folders, files, or your desktop) are visible to the Support agent during the session.

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