Why was my Zenefits Card transaction declined?

There are several reasons why a Zenefits Card may be declined. The most common issues are insufficient funds, incorrect entry of a PIN, terminated employment, or attempting to use a card at an unauthorized merchant. Once the plan is active the card will automatically be activated, and there are no extra steps that need to be taken to activate the card.

  • Incorrect PIN: Try entering the transaction again. An employee's PIN can be found by logging into the Zenefits dashboard.
  • Incorrect Zip Code: When the transaction is run as credit, the billing zip code is required. Verify the correct zip code is being used.
  • Insufficient funds: If the transaction exceeds the account's current balance, pay out-of-pocket and submit a claim for the allowed Flex Benefits amount. Some merchants may allow the transaction to be split over the Zenefits card and another form of payment.
  • Terminated Employment: After an employee leaves a company, their Zenefits Card is deactivated.
  • Unauthorized Merchant: If the card is used at an unauthorized merchant (e.g. putting money for a bus pass on the card at a drugstore or another non-dedicated stores/methods), it's recommended to pay out of pocket and submit a claim, or to try again at an authorized/dedicated transportation or parking merchant.

Why is this vendor declining the Zenefits card?

Stores like drugstores or grocery stores sell more than just transit passes, and the card cannot distinguish between items purchased to confirm their eligibility. It's best to pay out of pocket at retailers like this and submit a claim for what was paid.

This is a result of the merchant and their assigned merchant code. This code is designated by the merchant themselves. Commuter Benefits /FSA/HSA/HRA have a set of acceptable merchant codes to verify that it is a transaction for an eligible purchase. If the merchant does not have an accepted merchant code, the transaction will be denied.

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