Using the Zenefits Mobile App Features

In the Zenefits Mobile App, administrators, managers, and workers are able to view and manage their information.

How can I view benefits information in the Zenefits Mobile App?

Use the steps below to access insurance information after setting up the mobile app. Log into the app. From the More tab at the bottom of the screen, select Insurance. ... Learn more

How can I manage personal information in the Zenefits Mobile App?

After logging in to the mobile app, tap on More from the bottom menu.Tap the View Your Profile option. Your profile will contain the following information: Name Job titleDep... Learn more

How can I view Flex Accounts in the Zenefits Mobile App?

The Zenefits Mobile App allows users to access information for their Flex Benefits accounts. The balance, contributions, and a list showing available expenses can be seen for ea... Learn more

How to View Pay Stubs in the Zenefits Mobile App

From the Zenefits Mobile App, workers who are paid through Zenefits Payroll can view current and past pay stubs by selecting the Pay Stubs option from the Zenefits Mobile App. ... Learn more

How to Access Documents on the Zenefits Mobile App

Open the Zenefits Mobile App.Tap More from the bottom menu.Tap Documents under the Products list.Tap on a document to open it in PDF form.On the mobile app, you can only view th... Learn more

How to Clock In, Clock Out and Track Meal Breaks in the Zenefits Mobile App

First, log into your profile using the Zenefits mobile app. You’ll select the Time Clock tab to record your hours.You can use the mobile app if:you are using the Web-based Timek... Learn more

How to Approve Time on the Zenefits Mobile App

If you're an administrator with the correct permissions or a manager of hourly workers, you can take the following steps to approve time on your app.Open your Zenefits app.Tap T... Learn more

What to do if you forget to clock out or need to edit your time on the mobile app

If you need your hours edited or forget to clock in/out when you are clocking in or out through the Time Clock App, contact your administrator to make any changes or fixes. You ... Learn more

What is the Hiring section of the mobile app?

Administrators and managers can track a new hire’s status in the Hiring section.You can see the following categories:If there are any offers yet to be finalized.If there are any... Learn more

What is the Inbox tab on the Zenefits Mobile App?

Your Mobile Inbox helps you stay on top of your to do list and keeps you informed of important updates. You can access the inbox by logging in to your Zenefits account through t... Learn more

What is the People section of the mobile app?

As an employee or contingent worker:In the People section of the mobile app, you are able to view the company’s directory and org chart. You will be able to view coworkers' work... Learn more

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