HRAs in Zenefits

This guide will help you decide whether an HRA is right for you and your employees, and to set up a new company HRA plan the way you want it, and to prepare your payroll and employees for the start of the plan.

Note: Zenefits is not accepting new HRA clients.

What are the Employer Fees for HRAs Through Zenefits?

Zenefits charges companies an annual fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $5 per HRA enrollee. HRA plans have a minimum cost of $40/ month. Annual fees are debited in the firs... Learn more

What is an HRA?

An HRA is an employer funded Health Reimbursement Account. Only employers contribute to HRAs. During setup of the company HRA plan in Zenefits, employers can choose the amount t... Learn more

What are Eligible HRA Expenses?

HRA funds can be used to pay for copays, deductibles, dental and vision expenses, healthcare services, prescription drugs, and some over-the-counter health care items for the en... Learn more

Why do I have to upload my HRA Receipt?

Employees who use their Zenefits card at a merchant who has not implemented an inventory information approval system (IIAS), which automatically identifies HRA-eligible expenses... Learn more

What are IRS Section 105 and Reimbursement Plans?

IRS Section 105 addresses the exclusion of reimbursements provided by an accident or health plan for the medical expenses of an individual or their dependents from the individua... Learn more

What are Key Terms for Health Reimbursement Accounts?

Health Reimbursement Account Terminology 90 day runout: 90 days is the amount of time that an employee will have from the plan end date or termination date to submit claims fo... Learn more

What are Qualifying Life Events for HRAs?

A qualifying life event (QLE) is an event defined by the IRS that allows an employee to change their HRA participation. These include: Change in legal marital status (i.e... Learn more

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