Step 5: Contacting Customer Care During Implementation

Have a question? Zenefits is here to help and there are multiple solutions to fit your needs.

Training Videos

You can access the entire training catalog at any time by visiting "" or by clicking the Training link on your Zenefits dashboard (note that groups still completing the checklist won't have access to their dashboard).

We've also specifically curated the best videos for learning how to use Zenefits in our Accelerate Training. When you visit the Accelerate training page, you'll also be able to access ClubZen, which is a community space to discuss problems and get advice from your fellow HR administrators. You can access Accelerate anytime under the Helpful Resources section of your Getting Started page.

Help Center

The Zenefits Help Center has thousands of articles to answer any question you might have about the product. You can access Help Center at any time by going to "", clicking the Help link in your top navigation bar, or by clicking the link under your Helpful Resources section on your Getting Started page if you're a group that is still completing the checklist.

Contact Us

If you are unable to find the answer to your question in the Training Catalog, Help Center or ClubZen, you'll also have options to contact the implementation team for assistance through the following methods:

  • Email: click on the email address to draft a message
  • Phone: click the Schedule a call to set up a time to talk directly to a member of the implementation team
  • Chat: click the button to initiate a chat session with a member of the implementation team

Now What?

You've now completed the first steps in setting up your Zenefits dashboard! Check out the FAQ page, the documentation requirements page, and when ready, the next section: Setting Up Other Apps.

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