Getting Started with Zenefits

Welcome to Zenefits! We're happy to have you here. Below, you'll find resources to help you set up Zenefits for the first time.

First things first, what type of implementation are you going through? And what can you expect with each?

1. Guided Implementation (25+ employees)

Guided implementation groups will work with an assigned implementation manager to upload their information into Zenefits. You can proactively provide your implementation manager with the required documents to speed up the implementation timeline.

2. Quick Start Implementation (less than 25 employees)

Quick Start implementation is completely self-led, so you can get started with Zenefits as quickly as you can upload your information into the system. You'll be given a checklist of tasks to complete on your Getting Started page.

We've compiled a guide here to help you understand the different tasks in the Zenefits Getting Started checklist. 

What if I don't have prior payroll to import?

No problem. Chat, or set up a call, with an implementation team member and they'll bypass the requirement for you!

What if I don't have all of my prior payroll information ready?

This will block your implementation with Zenefits. In order to have a smooth and speedy implementation process, you will need to provide all prior payroll proof through the document upload system.

How do I know what to provide you with? The documents you're asking for don't align with my current payroll provider's information.

No problem, we understand that different companies use different terminology. We've created a guide here that will help you understand what reports or data Zenefits is requesting from you.

Once you finish uploading prior payroll documents, our team will review what you've provided. If there are any issues with the documents that were uploaded to the system, you'll receive an email from the team. The email will detail what is required to continue with implementation.

If all the documents you've uploaded are accepted, then you will not receive any communication from the Implementation team, and your payroll account will be marked as active (provided that you complete the rest of the checklist tasks).

We recommend completing the tasks in the order they're arranged on the screen, however, feel free to skip any as needed. For example, if you will not be using Time Off in Zenefits, or if the policies listed do not meet your needs, then you can select the Skip for Now link within the task to mark it as completed.

Setting Up Your Zenefits Account

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Step 2: Setting Up Individual Profiles

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Step 3: Navigating the Zenefits Dashboard

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Step 4: Setting Up Hiring

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Step 5: Contacting Customer Care During Implementation

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Getting Started with Zenefits Checklist

Checklist implementation is completely  self-led, so you can get started with Zenefits as quickly as you can upload your information into the system. You'll be given a checklist... Learn more

What if you're not setting up Zenefits for a company?

If you're a new admin of a company that already uses Zenefits, we have a series of videos designed just for you.

If you're a new hire of a company that already uses Zenefits, you might want to know how to:

If you're a company that already uses Zenefits and want to learn how to use a new feature, feel free to peruse our sections on the Help Center homepage. They will correlate to the features you find on your Zenefits dashboard. 

If you don't find the answers to your questions on Help Center, Training, or ClubZen, our Customer Care team is happy to help you.

Still need our help? Our support team is waiting to help you. Contact us