FAQs About Zenefits Plans

You can add any of the available add-on services to your selected plan to create the best all-in-one HR solution for your organization.

Flex benefits, such as flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), and commuter benefits are available as add-ons to any of the Zenefits plans.

As your business grows and your HR needs become more complex, Zenefits is built to grow with you. You can upgrade your plan at any time. 

If you are on a monthly contract: 

If you switch plans mid-month, we will bill your new rate starting the following month. 

If you are on an annual contract: 

If you upgrade before your contract expires, your contract period restarts and we’ll credit your prorated balance towards the new contract. Zenefits does not support downgrades for annual contracts.

To view your company's current Zenefits HR plan: 

  1. Sign into your administrator account, and click on the Company Profile app 
  2. Next, click Plan Info and your company's current plan will be displayed. 

Yes! In order to work with one of Zenefits' Certified Broker Partners (CBPs) or use Zenefits Ben Admin service, you will need to be on an annual Zenefits contract. If you are on a monthly subscription with Zenefits, you will not be eligible for our Ben Connect or Ben Admin add-ons.

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