Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if a shift is published or unpublished?

- A published shift will be dark blue, whereas an unpublished shift will be white. Workers can only see the published shifts in their account.

How will PTO look in the Scheduling app?

- If you are on a Zenefits package with Time Off and have a PTO policy set up, the shifts will appear grayed out to display the time block of PTO.

Does Scheduling support international workers?

- At this time, Scheduling does not support international workers.

Can I set up Positions directly in Scheduling?

- You are only able to set up Positions in your Company Profile app.

Can I customize visibility options in Scheduling?

- No, there are no custom viewing settings. Workers can see their schedules, but cannot make edits. Managers can see their own schedules and those of their direct reports'. Only main company administrators and administrators with the Time permission can edit and publish.

Can I export the schedule to an external calendar?

- Yes, you can follow the steps here.

How can I switch to a monthly view?

-At this time, you can only view weekly schedules.

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