Contribution Schemes in Zenefits

Below are the different health insurance contribution scheme options.

Setting up Company Contributions

When creating and launching Open Enrollment or Initial Enrollment to employees in Zenefits, you are required to add a contribution policy for each line of coverage.Company contr... Learn more

Percentage of Plan Contribution Scheme

The employer establishes a base plan and selects a percentage of that plan’s premium to cover. This translates into a dollar amount. That dollar amount is then used as the emplo... Learn more

How do I change a contribution scheme outside of Open Enrollment?

This feature should be utilized if you want to update a contribution scheme outside of Open Enrollment.  If you want to make changes for an upcoming Open Enrollment, you will do... Learn more

How do I set up contribution tiers for different classes of employees?

If you would like to create a contribution tier for a set of employees, you can do so by navigating to the Company tab in the Benefits Administration app, clicking on Employee T... Learn more

Tier Assignment Options: Paycheck Proration

When assigning an employee to a new contribution tier, you will need to indicate how you want deductions to be prorated.  Below are the available options:Prorating based on a 30... Learn more

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